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Sherpa Financial: Mission Statement

Sherpa Financial provides guidance to its clients by helping them navigate financial decisions in planning for retirement or income management so that you don't outlive your savings. We are committed to helping our clients make smart decisions about their wealth while developing long term investment strategies. Our focus is to develop a customized life map to help achieve your personal and financial goals. 

We are held together by an investment philosophy based on a basic fact: Markets perform over time. It is a fact that most of the time, money managers who trade actively in an attempt to "beat" the market, tend to underperform the markets they seek to outperform. Individual investors, as tracked by the independent research company Dalbar, consistently underperform the major stock indexes by a significant degree.  

Therefore we believe in a structured asset allocation approach, personalized to each person's or family's anticipated cash flows, utilizing a disciplined, consistent strategy. We also strongly advocate the use of an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to clearly state your purpose for investing, your allocation, your methods, and how these policies are to be carried out. This should be an active document, and revisited on a regular basis.

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