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Our Mission

Sherpa Financial provides guidance in planning for retirement with experience in income management so that you don't outlive your savings. We are committed to helping our clients make smart decisions about their wealth while developing long term investment strategies.

Our Associates

We are commited to helping our clients make smart decisions about their wealth so that it can do as much good as possible for those you care most about. We provide personalized strategies that take into account all aspects of your financial life and offer guidance, clarity of thought, and expertise to help you gain confidence in your financial future. Our comprehensive approach focuses on trying to enhance our clients' accumlated wealth during their lifteimes and beyond.


We offer weekly webinars through Zoom, hosted by Peter Succoso, the managing representative of Sherpa Financial. These webinars aim to provide market updates as well as great opportunities to learn the many ways to save for retirement along with other pertinent topics throughout the year.